Super Sharp is an exhibition & installation series developed and conceived by Saul Milton [Chase & Status] and Tory Turk [Exhibition Curator].

Saul is arguably the biggest collector of Moschino clothing in the world with a total of 1500 pieces. Super Sharp will aim to display the full collection as a backdrop to a much wider story.

The exhibition explores the appropriation of Italian designer brands in the underground music scenes of Jungle and UK Garage, a scene Saul was instrumental in.

By combining the music, videos, testimonials and the original garments in a multi-media environment, the public can expect a totally unique audio-visual exploration of this contemporary subculture.

The project was born in 2014 after Tory and Saul worked together on a street style exhibition, which Tory was curating. After Tory discovered the extent of Saul’s collection, they began discussing the relevance of Italian designer clothing within jungle drum & bass culture in the 90s. The idea of an exhibition was born!



Versace, Moschino, Iceberg and D&G are examples of labels that ruled the dance floor in the nineties. Moschino, in particular, became synonymous with the look associated with that era.

The first Super Sharp addressed this by highlighting the voices of people who were actually there at the time, such as Goldie, Fabio & Grooverider, Bushkin, Skibadee, Navigator and PJ & Smiley, Jumpin’ Jack Frost and MC Nyke.

Their personal memories shed light on why designer clothing was first embraced by Jungle ravers and then made famous by UK Garage.

This inaugural event, held at the London College of Fashion, was a great success, well attended and a great test case for further iterations of Super Sharp to come.



In 2017, Saul embarked on the creation of a short form documentary entering his mind as a collector. Collaborating on the project was filmmaker Ewen Spencer. The film is currently in post-production and due to be finished for 2020.

Desire at Island_7th June 1997_Tristan O'Neill.jpeg
One Nation_27th September 1997_Tristan O'Neill_2.jpeg
One Nation at Sanctuary_14th Feb 1998_Tristan O'Neill .jpeg


Following on from the success of Super Sharp and Super Sharp Reloaded, Super Sharp 3 will take place by 2020.

The exhibition will comprise of Saul’s entire Moschino collection of 1500 pieces.

The exhibition will tell the cultural story of jungle drum & bass, via this incredible collection of Italian designer clothing.

 Saul will curate the audio to the exhibition alongside video montage by the Super Sharp Team & Taichi Kimura. Tory Turk will curate the exhibition.


Super Sharp Reloaded and the wider exhibition series RTRN II JUNGLE are curated by Tory Turk; it was jointly conceived with Saul Milton and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar at LCF.

 Produced by Jamie Ross-Hulme.

Graphic Design by Lucy May Design.

Exhibition Design by Steven Legget & Tom Forsyth.

 Build production by Robin Shepherd & Joana Filipe.

Film by Tom Archer.

Archive by Garry Clarke.

Photography by Tristan O’Neil.