Super Sharp Reloaded at Selfridges was the second iteration of Super Sharp. The installation also drew from Saul’s massive collection.

Recently, there has been a revival of interest in the music, style and culture of that time. Even though jungle and UK garage took place before the emergence of the Internet, their history is extensively documented online. However, the overlap between their style and the various times there was a revived interest in the music, has meant that a blurry nostalgic image of the time has emerged.

This second installation featured a ‘rave queue’ to resemble the queues into clubs back in the day. This was often where clubbers strutted their latest wares, in the nervous anticipation of getting into the club. With sound bites from infamous jungle drum & bass DJs & MCs, such as Uncle Dugs, Navigator, Skibadee, Chase & Status, Nicky Blackmarket and writer Brian Belle-Fortune. The ‘rave queue’ featured items from Saul’s collection and ended in a ‘Cloakroom’ with further garments. A vintage designer pop-up shop complemented the installation.